Liaoning yinuo environment Co., Ltd is a specialized entity company taking atmosphere pollution harness  as the main business. In total area of 100000 square meters of the company, building area is 41830 square meters. There are many rich environment engineering skill experience personnel in the company, which were in charge of drafting the fabric filter industry standard. Staff trained in foreign countries for many times. The company has a lot of environmental special technology. Its products are used in metallurgical industry, power industry and chemical industry. The company has the advanced machinery equipment and a number of production lines as the light-steel structure and the box-beam special steel structure production line, the hoist steel structure production line. There are more than 500 advanced equipments as American digital working, Liken weld machine and steel-c equipments etc. The company takes the fabric filter and the electrostatic precipitator as the main products and provide the flue gas desulphurization, denitration acid and dust solution design.
  The company has a excellent team. It takes a full range of services to customers as the aim and quality as a magic weapon for winning. The company will commit to the cause of environmental protection, improving the environment of human survival.


联系方式:0412-5214599 / 0412-2659998 / 15242223610



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